Post Pandemic Selling – Five Tips to Prepare your Sales Team

The COVID 19 Pandemic will change how we sell our products and services now and in the future. In my coaching business, I have already witnessed a forced shift in how salespeople interact with customers. 

1. Meeting face to face with customers is replaced with video conferencing and telephone calls. 

2. Cold calling has changed to prospecting by email and telephone.

3. Developing relationships has changed from Dinners, Golf, Events, and Conventions to implementing ways to show empathy and compassion.

4. Educating customers on your products has been replaced by online training seminars.

Many of my clients are asking what selling will look like in the future. How will the selling business model change? How can we ready our sales team for these changes?

Here are five tips for preparing for the changing world of selling:

  1. Poll your customers now on how and when they will engage will your sales team.  
  2. Provide options to your customer of how they can interact will your salespeople. Ex. Online scheduled meetings, face to face meetings with Social Distancing, Conference calling, etc.
  3. Educate your salespeople on making Online sales presentations, Training sessions, Phone Relationship Building, etc
  4. Train your salespeople on how to use intuition and empathy to build trust with your customer.
  5. Create a structure and process for new customer acquisition—a structure for lead generation, referrals, etc.

The game is changing, and we must adapt to the new rules.