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Working with Cliff was a game-changer for me. After leaving a FT job and moving back into my own business, Cliff was excellent at keeping me on track during this transition. Using the Habit Finder materials, Cliff was great at linking information to my specific issues and guiding me to set new habits that would help me grow my business. Cliff is very friendly and personable but also knows how to help stay focused on business, so our time was always used efficiently. My abilities to structure my time and evaluate my business issues have improved significantly and I am very appreciative of the guidance Cliff provided.

Cathy Landry
Aviation Business Owner

I am a business owner and I have been trying to grow my business, but I was stuck. I couldn't seem to find my way. I was searching and reading books and I found Cliff through Habig Finder. He walked me through the program, and I realized how important a coach is. He was able to see things that I didn't see. He showed how to use what I am talented at and to allow others to help. The idea of time blocking has freed up a lot of my time when I thought I had no time. I am very grateful for Cliff and all he has done for me personally and professionally.

Jim Markham
Small Business Owner

The Habit Finder Program is an invaluable training program for sales teams, both managers, and individual contributors. The program helps you to look deep into your dealings with customers and internal teams and evaluate your approach and learn how you can help serve others to achieve common objectives and success. Cliff takes a personal approach with all of his clients and gets to know them and their business and tailors the program to their specific needs. To achieve the most significant benefit from the program, the leader and their reports should all take the program so they can speak the language. I'd highly recommend this program to anyone looking to build teams and improve their success with customers.

Clayton Boardman
Director of Sales

The program is unique because it is less about who you are but where you are in business and life. Employee and personal results were visible during team interactions. In decades of trying different professional programs, Cliff's program helped my business the most.

Kendrick Reaves
Distribution Executive

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